Attended the OpenShop day on Wednesday as part of Internet Week. The day opened up various agencies and studios including Mother, Poke, LBi, AKQA, Splendid and others – all for free. I got to see Poke, Mother, Iris and Somethin’ Else.

The photo above is of Mother (stolen from Mother’s architect Clive Wilkinson), which seems like an amaaazing place to work. Very impressive looking (Lizzie took the piss out of my incessant grinning at it), and Natalie Graeme who showed us around was luvly.

We also got a talk from the Creative Director at Poke London (whose name escapes me I’m afraid), which was really insightful actually. A lot of useful stuff about getting your idea out there as untainted by clients and focus groups as possible.

Later we visited Iris who are responsible for the London 2012 Mascots, which I think got a lot more stick than they deserved, and are at least a bit more interesting than the Team GB Mascot.

Finally we got to visit content and design creation studio Somethin’ Else. They did show us their design floor but it was the radio production bit that got me really excited… One example of something they’ve produced is Thom Yorke’s mix for BBC6 Music that I wrote about a few weeks ago. They also do a lot of work with one of my favourite DJ’s Gilles Peterson (pictured above).

Really hoping they do this again next year…

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